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Hey Jason, what’s a man’s ultimate first-date nightmare?
Wow, first dates can go wrong in so many ways. The obvious answer is a date where you have no chemistry with the other person at all. Add to that bad food, parking tickets and whatever else could go wrong, and you have the first-date nightmare. If you’re unsure about the other person, why not meet for coffee first? It may still end up a terrible date, but at least it will be a short one.

I’m interested in this guy; problem is, we are both attached to different people. We text each other almost every day and he’s told me he loves me, even though he has no intention of leaving his girlfriend. Am I being played?
It sounds like you’re doing equal amounts of playing, player. The real question to ask isn’t if you’re being played, but why you’re still with your current boyfriend. Answer that question and the rest will fall into place, young padawan.

This story was first published in Her World Magazine September 2015.

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