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She is an athleisure guru with an enviable toned figure.

But it hasn’t all been roses for the 32-year-old local actress. Dawn, who was present at The Body Shop Ion Orchard outlet recently to celebrate the store’s second anniversary, revealed in an interview with us that she was not always so body-confident.

At one point,  she even starved herself for two weeks and her weight dropped by 4 kg. She eventually gave up on the idea because it got her too depressed.


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But today, she said she has a healthier attitude. To stay fit, the actress who is currently in the midst of filming the drama “Jalan Jalan”, makes it a point to maintain a consistent workout regime, exercising at least three times a week.


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She went on to discuss how she has come to accept herself: “I spent most of my time with family and friends. Their unconditional love influenced and reawakened the love within me and really inspired me to pay it forward. At the same time, I also read stories, quotes and articles and they really helped to motivate me.”


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For Dawn, beauty is only skin deep and it comes “from the soul”.

“Being beautiful is to be kind, truthful, honest and helpful,” the actress said.

So what does it mean to be both beautiful on the outside and inside? Keep reading.

On removing her makeup…

“Because my makeup is usually waterproof, I need a very strong makeup remover. I like to double cleanse with the Drops of Youth Gentle Foaming Wash.”

On her favourite masks for multi-masking…

“Ethiopian Honey for skin that needs an intense dose of replenishing moisture; British Rose for skin that needs to be quenched; Amazonian Acai for tired and stressed skin; Japanese Matcha Tea to protect the skin from environmental aggressors; Chinese ginseng and rice for skin that needs an intensive treatment to get rid of dullness and unevenness.”


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On looking camera ready:

“Take oral supplements and use a face mask every day for five to ten minutes and you are on your way to healthy skin. Once you have a flawless base, you just need to put on some lip color and you’ll be ready for any occasion.”

On getting ready in 15 minutes…

“I used to take an hour to get ready (that includes doing my makeup), but now it only takes me 15 minutes.”

On whether she would date a guy who takes more time to get ready…

“Well it doesn’t really matter. I’ll just get ready with him and spend as much time as he does.  Alternatively, I’ll introduce him my favourite facial masks and reduce his preparation time. This sounds like a better idea! (*laughs*).”


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On when she feels most beautiful…

“In addition to having flawless skin, I feel the most beautiful when I’m able to help others, learn new skills each day. When I have no regrets when I look back on my life.”

On a beauty tip for ladies who workout at the gym…

“I usually go bare face for all my workouts to prevent my pores from getting clogged. But if really need be, the only thing I’ll do will be my brows and it will instantly make me look more presentable.”


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On a beauty tip she’s learnt from industry experts…

“Always dab away excess oil on your face with a tissue instead of blotter to stay shine free all day.”

Her advice for women who aspire to be beautiful…

“Love yourself and be the best person that you can be.”