Thank you, haters. That is what Taiwanese singer Show Lo, 34, has to say to netizens who have slammed him for copying the style of the fashion-forward Korean star G-Dragon.

Sporting the controversial blond hairdo that has been said to resemble G-Dragon’s locks, Lo says at an interview with Life!: “It doesn’t matter. If they don’t like me, they’re sure to bash me. I dye my hair blond and they say I’m imitating a foreign star.

“There’s more than one piece of clothing to go around for each design. If they want to criticise me, go ahead. I’ll thank them,” he adds in a slightly condescending tone.

Show Lo: My haters really love me
Sporting blond hair does not mean he is copying anyone, says singer Show Lo. PHOTO: ST/ MARK CHEONG

One group is so determined to tear him down that it has set up a dedicated Facebook page flooded with photographic evidence of Lo copycat behaviour – from his clothes to his dance moves.

“A true hater won’t waste time posting negative comments or creating a Facebook page about me. They wouldn’t be bothered with me. The fact that they take an interest in me, just like my fans, means they actually love me,” said the veteran of 20 years in showbusiness.

Despite the barrage of online vitriol, there is no denying that the singer dubbed Asia’s Dance King still commands a huge following.

His latest and 10th album Lion Roar reportedly sold 120,000 copies, making him the undisputed album sales champion in Taiwan for the fourth year in a row.

His previous albums have also sold like hotcakes: 9ood Show (2012) and Only For You (2011) sold 150,000 copies each, and Rashomon (2010) sold 155,000 copies.

Also an actor and host, his overwhelming popularity has made him the top advertisers’ darling in Taiwan with 17 endorsements last year.

It is no wonder that the charismatic Lo was named the highest-paid singer in Taiwan last year with NT610 million (S$25.8 million) in earnings.

The workaholic is not resting on his laurels. He will be back with a concert here in May – and the good news was met with yelps of delight from the 30 or so fans present at a press conference to promote his album last month.

The ambitious Lo reveals that he will be focusing on acting this year. He has been romantically linked to Taiwanese model-actress Tia Li and host Linda Jian.

The leading man in idol dramas such as Hi My Sweetheart (2009) and Corner With Love (2007) recently made a cameo appearance in Stephen Chow’s action-comedy film Journey To The West: Conquering The Demons.

What seems to be missing, for the adept showman, is the thumbs up from music and film critics. Does it ever bother him?

He answers candidly: “I’m no longer hung up over whether I get awards. What’s most important to me is the applause of my fans and the sales of my album. Winning an award is recognition but is secondary. The real judges are the consumers.”

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