SG confessions: Should I tell my boyfriend that I had a one-night stand, cheated, cheating, affair

The dilemma: To confess or to keep mum about that holiday fling? Image: PaylessImages/

I cheated on my boyfriend of three years. It was a one-night thing while I was away on holiday. Should I take this secret to the grave or spill?
If I had a fling and ’fessed up to my girlfriend, she’d slit my throat. I don’t think your guy’s reaction will be very much different. No, I’m just kidding. I think you need to ask yourself what this one-night thing really meant to you. Are you confessing to your man simply to appease your feelings of guilt?

The bigger question is: Will you be tempted again? Perhaps it’s time to face the fact that your relationship could be heading for splitsville. That you simply crave some sexcitement and your man’s just not giving it to you. You could sit him down for a heart-to-heart talk and tell him to turn it up several notches between the sheets. If that doesn’t work, hey, you tried your best. Ditch him and go hunting.

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