Shocker! Qi Yuwu has plenty to say about new wife Joanne Peh B.png

Like two peas in a pod … 

So it seems Qi Yuwu is staying true to his patented Mopey Man type, even unto marriage.

Get this: The erstwhile swinging bachelor says Joanne Peh, fellow thespian and freshly minted Mrs. Qi, is like a “mirror” image of his merits and misdeeds. Someone’s been listening to too much Justin Timberlake, perchance?  

Hat tip to Chinese daily Lianhe Zaobao, which ran a column penned by the hubby of the hour himself. Pertinent pull-quote: “I seem to have found a mirror and through her, I see the good and the bad in me. It makes me feel inferior and proud. I can be myself and grow up.” All together now: Aww.

The preternaturally pretty boy – or man, really, given that he’s all of 37 years old! – adds that this marriage thing wasn’t on the agenda when he struck it out on his own some 15 years ago.  Here’s the self-professed “student” of marital life on his singular good fortune: “I must have done something right all these years, to have all this. In the face of life, no one can be fully prepared.”

And now for a flurry of sweet somethings from the studly star: “I will find my own answers, continue to learn to love myself, learn to love others, and continue to grow through constant adjustments.” Shiver me timbers, is that precious or is that precious!  

Or what about this? “There might be wishful thinking about what you want to give each other, but in the end, it isn’t certain who will give what to whom.” Hmm, best not to read too much between the lines, I suppose …

Good grief, so gushy (but pretty poignant, we’ll give him that.) All eyes must surely be swivelling towards his comely companion for her response to his moony love letter. Joanne Peh, the ball’s in your court!