Photo: Ella Chen/ Facebook

Ella Chen is now a mum. The 35-year-old S.H.E singer welcomed a boy on Wednesday (April 12).

She wrote on Facebook on Thursday: “Yesterday afternoon, accompanied by the sisters and family I love (it’s the first time a maternity room is so crowded – this mother loves a lively atmosphere), I gave birth safely to the first baby of my life.”

Photo: Ella Chen/ Facebook

She said she had a natural birth without an epidural, after trying but failing to have a water birth.

Her husband, Malaysian businessman Alvin Lai, 40, revealed on Facebook that she was in labour for up to 20 hours, said Apple Daily.

The baby – weighing 3.088kg, measuring 48cm and nicknamed Strong Baby – has been put on a respirator because he choked on amniotic fluid and meconium, but is otherwise fine, Chen said.

Photo: Ella Chen/ Facebook

She also shared photos taken with her newborn, husband and S.H.E bandmates Selina Jen and Hebe Tien.


This story was originally published in The Straits Times on April 13, 2017.

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