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Shane Pow has promised to turn over a new leaf.

In an interview with 8world after his recent release from prison, the 29-year-old told the online portal that the biggest lesson he has learnt is that in life, setbacks and misfortunes happen occasionally.

Shane added that after this severe setback, he will change for the better. “I’ll think thrice before I act and I will behave. I would also like to apologise to those who supported me — I will do better.”

During the lowest point of his life, Shane was very touched by the sympathy and encouragement from his family, friends, fans and colleagues.

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“I’m really grateful that they were there for me at the lowest point of my life,” he said.

Indeed, life hasn’t been kind to the embattled actor.

He was once managed by Mediacorp and had a bright acting future as a former Duke of Caldecott Hill.

However, all that changed after his brushes with the law, especially when he was convicted of drink driving for the second time.

In December last year, he was caught flouting Covid-19 rules at Jeffrey Xu’s birthday bash (alongside other celebrities).

Then, he pleaded guilty to drink driving, and as it was his second conviction, he was sentenced to five weeks’ jail, a fine of $6,000, and a five-year driving ban on July 14.

Mediacorp also terminated their contract with him, and removed him from the 130-episode drama The Heartland Hero, which he had filmed 30 episodes of.

Declined to answer three questions

According to the report, 8world was requested to conduct the interview via text and they sent a total of eight questions. Shane didn’t respond to three.

The first was whether he would join Mark Lee’s company King Kong Media Production after the veteran actor-comedian offered to sign him on.

The second was to get clarity on the rumours that he had ended his romance with radio presenter Kimberly Wang.

And finally, he was asked about his future plans after appearing on a Facebook sales livestream on Aug 17 hosted by Mdada, an online commerce platform founded by local celebrity hairstylist Addy Lee as well as TV personalities Michelle Chia and Pornsak.

However, he shared that he would like to continue acting again if given the chance.

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“I love acting, and there is still a long way to go on this road. I hope that there will be better projects for my audience in the near future.”

Shane also gave a heartfelt thanks to his fans and said: “I won’t give up easily. Don’t worry, everyone, I will work hard.”

This article was first published in AsiaOne.