Image: The Straits Times / MY VOICE MY WORLD / WEIBO

Opening up about her divorce on a talk show, singer Selina Jen said she had initiated the split from lawyer Richard Chang and her “mistake was to be self-centred”. Jen, 34, and Chang, 43, announced in March that they were ending their five-year marriage and finalised their divorce in April.

Speaking of the split in a recent episode of the Jiangsu TV show My Voice My World, she said: “In a relationship, it’s important to love the other person and, at the same time, not lose yourself. But I loved myself too much.”

She still sounded grateful to Chang, however, and said they had shared a “very important time”, reported Taiwan Apple Daily on Monday. They married in 2011, one year after she was badly burnt during a filming accident. “When I was injured, he was by my side. We accompanied each other in a process that was the most difficult in life and also the warmest,” she said.

Between the accident and the divorce, sustaining severe burns had a larger impact on her, she admitted. As for the marriage, it did not fail in one day, she said. “We discussed it until we finally faced it with courage. We made the decision, which I led.” She still thinks love is a “wonderful thing”, she was quoted as saying by United Daily News. “If there’s no love, earth may perish.” 

Calling herself a lucky girl who still longs for love, she said: “My scars are like a durian, which is good on the inside. I will keep going on, looking forward to the emergence of a person who loves me.”

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