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Singapore socialite Kim Lim (yes, yes, the daughter of Singapore billionaire Peter Lim) recently attended a football match in Spain with K-Pop star Seungri of popular idol group BigBang.

Ms Lim posted pictures from the match between Valencia CF, which is owned by her father, and Real Madrid on her Instagram account.


Seungri, who travelled to Valencia after performing at a New Year’s eve concert in Singapore, also posted pictures from the match on his social media accounts. He also posted a video of BigBang’s song, Fantastic Baby, being played in the stadium during half-time; a surprise request from Ms Lim herself.

Besides having some pretty famous friends, Ms Lim also totes designer bags, shoes and over 65,000 Instagram followers.

You can follow Ms Lim’s exotic life on Instagram at @kimmylecute. This story was first published on on January 7, 2015. Find out more about the tycoon’s daughter and other It Girl’s from Singapore in ST’s Christmas issue of The Life digital.