Rumours have been circulating that Ruco Chan and Nancy Wu have been dating for a month.

The rumoured couple starred in A Fist Within Four Walls together and are now collaborating in new drama the Alliance.

Both Ruco and Nancy have denied the rumours but Hong Kong media claim that they are trying to keep their relationship low-profile as Nancy only recently broke up with her ex-boyfriend, reports

Ruco was spotted driving Nancy home a few days ago and the two looked shocked when they saw the paparazzi.

This is not the first time they were spotted together.


Last week, Ruco parked at a secluded carpark in Sai Kung before sending Nancy home.

They talked in his car for 30 minutes while her assistant went out to buy desserts.

Tabloids claim that Ruco has refrained from smoking around Nancy and that he was very anxious and stuck by her side after she got injured while filming.

Sources say that Ruco was already interested in Nancy when they were filming A Fist Within Four Walls last year but Nancy was dating Terry Chan at the time so he did not pursue her.


The original version of this story was published in on October 9, 2016

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