Rosie Huntington-Whiteley plastered her bedroom with posters of models when she was growing up.

The 25-year-old model has worked with labels including Burberry and Victoria’s Secret in the past and has also designed her own lingerie line. Although she has dipped her toe in the acting pond, Rosie explained fashion has always been her main love.

“I was obsessed with it,” she told “I was just fascinated by these images and the photo shoots – and what went into that, what happened behind the scenes. How you create that glamour and mystery and the theatrical nature of the picture – that was what really interested me and my bedroom was just full of pictures of models and tear-outs from magazines.”

Rosie had models she looked up to and they remain the same to this day. She called Kate Moss “iconic” and used to love seeing curvy Brazilian star Gisele Bündchen strut her stuff.

She also used to pore over fashion magazines, insisting iconic publication Vogue was always her favourite.

“I remember for my 13th birthday, my Godmother asked me what I wanted and I asked for a year’s Vogue subscription,” she enthused. “It used to come every month, crisp in the post – I would run down the lane from school for it and then mum and I would sit with a cup of tea and read it together. It was very special and I had them all stacked up in my room – they were my pride and joy. No one was allowed to touch my Vogues!” – COVER MEDIA