At 23, Singaporean singer Maya Davidov has already shared the stage with two superstars in her first major gig. 

The fresh-faced ingenue first caught the eye of Savage Garden songwriter and instrumentalist Daniel Jones through videos of her performing on her YouTube channel ‘xmayanicole’. This year, he took Maya under his wing and her most recent performance, was together with him and Kathleen De Leon from Hi-5 at The Podium Lounge during the 2019 Singapore Grand Prix. 

Maya tells Her World: “Performing with Daniel and given me so much insight into the music industry. It was a great learning experience, and perhaps my biggest achievement to date.” Their meeting was somewhat serendipitous. she first met Kathleen at a hotel lobby in Melbourne almost 15 years back. They kept in touch, and she later introduced Maya to Daniel. 

One can hardly tell by watching her dynamic stage performance that Maya was once a reserved child who suffered from stage fright. The first time she performed on stage was at the Esplanade when she was eight years old, as a part of the United World College South East Asia school choir.



“I was so shy and timid. I didn’t sing solo,” she recalls. Her first big solo singing role came five years later when she was 13. During the year-end school performance, she was given the opportunity to sing She’s out of my life by Michael Jackson. 

 “I have always wanted to incorporate music in whatever I did. That’s how passionate I am about music,” adds Maya, an arts graduate from the University of Melbourne.


Her focus now is on music composition. “I have always found composing quite a challenge, but I want to push myself and see if I can create something new,” she says. She gets her musical inspiration from ballads and musicals like Wicked. 

 “I have been reading tons of academic papers about music. Every day, I am challenging myself to read something new and learn something new,” she adds. “Whatever I do, I want to make sure it makes a positive impact. It has to make the world better than it was yesterday.” 

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