Rihanna speaks through her clothes DECORSinger Rihanna is known for her sexy and sassy fashion style, which ranges from urban and casual to all-out glamour. She also recently produced a fashion talent show Styled To Rock, which also stars Girl Aloud singer Nicola Roberts as a mentor.

The red headed fashionista Nicola says Rihanna’s wardrobe choices are bold and brave.

“I think her style is amazing, I think that she is very expressive with her style and she dresses for the moment,” Nicola told UK TV Show This Morning when asked about Rihanna’s sexy fashion sense. “She says what she wants to say through her clothes and she is a young girl, she’s a pop star!”

Styled To Rock will follow a group of wannabe fashion designers as they take on the challenges of designing stage outfits for pop stars including Katy Perry. Rihanna will help to find the winner who will be honoured by designing a costume for the star.

Nicola revealed that while the singer is known for her “less is more” approach to fashion, she can rock an androgynous look just as well.

“If you must know, on our last day of filming she was head to toe in a tux, so there was definitely ‘more’ on that day,” she said.