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Rihanna works out 25 minutes a day to maintain her svelte figure.

The singer has been showcasing her trim frame in skimpy outfits on holidays, during performances and in photos on social media websites of late.

Rihanna’s personal trainer, Harley Pasternak says the star “looks amazing right now” thanks to a manageable workout.

“I’ve put her on a special 25-minute-a-day workout that consists of five mini workouts,” he told the UK edition of Grazia. “She does it five days a week, wherever she is in the world.

“One of my trainers travels with her to ensure she does it, but as it only takes 25 minutes and can be done anywhere, it’s easy for her to fit around her busy schedule and even her holidays.”

Trainer Ary Nunez, who also works with Rihanna, adds the singer sticks to her exercise regime no matter how busy she is with her music career. The 24-year-old beauty is so dedicated she’ll do the workout late at night or early morning if necessary.

“We train when she’s ready,” Ary said.

“Even in we’re on the road and it’s 2am in the morning. I’m on call 24/7 with her.”

As for her diet, Rihanna eats five small meals and snacks a day and consumes healthy carbohydrates like vegetables and fruit combined with healthy fats like nuts or avocado.

Her diet also consists of low-fat protein and sugar-free drinks like green tea or Vitamin Water.

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