Ralph Lauren and his wife celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary with an exclusive bottle of wine.

The designer and his spouse Ricky decided to mark their special day by enjoying an evening at Bill’s Food and Drink in New York City recently.

The owners of the establishment were thrilled the couple chose their venue for the celebration so came up with a fitting way to wish Ralph and Ricky well.

“In honour of the year they were married, partners Sean Largotta, Mark Amadei and John DeLucie sent the couple a bottle of a 1964 Armagnac,” reports New York Post.

Ralph and his wife had a great time at the establishment, with the designer overheard gushing about how beautifully it is decorated. According to the publication, the woman who came up with the venue’s look used to work for the fashion mogul’s home line.

Ralph and Ricky have three children together and he has previously discussed what drew him to his wife. He is renowned for his casual designs and hates girls who are too dolled up, preferring ladies who mimic his own relaxed style.

“I never liked the girl with the make-up and the high heels. I like the girl in the jeans and white shirt wearing her boyfriend’s jacket. That’s the girl I married,” he previously explained. – COVER MEDIA