Credit: Instagram @rainie77

It was an emotional night of tributes and songs for the late Alien Huang. After all, it was his memorial concert.

Among the many memories shared in the livestream, Taiwanese singer-actress Rainie Yang also briefly addressed her relationship with the actor-host before her performance.

It’s no secret that Rainie was devastated by Alien’s death. The duo used to date for three years in high school and they had remained close friends even though their relationship didn’t work out.

After she learnt of the tragedy, she wrote on her Instagram that she “won’t pretend that I’m good and fine” because it “can never be good or fine”.

During the memorial concert yesterday (Oct 6), the 36-year-old confessed that she thought for a long time before agreeing to perform at the event.

She told the audience: “I think everyone present knows that Alien and I had a very pure love during high school. Due to his passing, people are now putting this relationship in the spotlight. I actually can’t say much because I’m scared that no matter what I say, people will want to think [of it] in a specific direction.

“In this world, there are very few people who would know how rare it is when romantic love transforms into friendship, familial love, and kinship. So I don’t blame the people who don’t understand this. Alien won’t blame you all, too.”

As there weren’t any recent rumours or speculation on the internet about the nature of their relationship, it’s unclear what led Rainie to make this speech. She is married to Chinese singer Li Ronghao.

After her performance, television host and emcee for the concert Jacky Wu spoke to Rainie and admitted that Alien privately told him the real reason for their split. Rainie looked confused and immediately replied that it was her decision to break up.

Jacky said that the reason Alien provided was very different from Rainie’s explanation, and claimed that what Alien said must be the truth as he had never lied to Jacky.

Without missing a beat, Rainie quipped: “Wait a minute, he actually really knew how to lie.”

She then tried to get Jacky to reveal what Alien had said but the host insisted that he would only tell her privately. Rainie maintained that Alien was probably trying to protect her and that she’s the only one who knows why they broke up.

“I think he’s trying to protect me. I think our friendship is a really deep one and there are people out there who don’t understand and have distorted it,” she said.

This article was first published in AsiaOne.