Rachel McAdams: I feel like a pumpkinRachel McAdams says she feels like a “pumpkin” after glitzy red carpet events.

The actress explained that she loves being preened and pampered for her big entrance, but the Cinderella moment fades when she gets home and has to return borrowed designer items.

The Hollywood star likened the feeling to dressing up as a princess for the night.

“I do feel a little bit like Cinderella. Like when I went to the Sherlock Holmes premiere. The shoes were little Christian Louboutin glass slippers and the gown was made from beautiful silver lace. When you take it off it’s really weird, because it’s all borrowed. I feel like a pumpkin,” she told British magazine Look.

The down-to-earth star also said she only uses a stylist for big Hollywood events.

Rachel insisted that in everyday life, she prefers to wear casual attire like denim.

“Only when I work [do I use a stylist], I don’t have a little special person who helps me get dressed in the morning! I am blessed to work with amazing stylists when I am working, otherwise I will grab a pair of jeans,” she said.

The Mean Girls star also said she was happy to be blonde again after changing her hair colour for a role.

In her current movie The Vow, Rachel plays a brunette.

But although she went back to her lighter locks once filming wrapped, she admitted that it requires regular upkeep by salon pros.

“I feel like a blonde at heart although the last time I was a natural blonde was when I was seven. It’s a high-maintenance colour!” she said.