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The photo Jay Chou shared of himself and Hannah Quinlivan in Yilan, north-east Taiwan. Image: weibo.com/mrj168

TAIPEI – It’s a girl. Pop superstar Jay Chou and model Hannah Quinlivan have welcomed their first child, their agents said on Monday night.

The confirmation came after rumours went round that Quinlivan, 21, had given birth to a preterm baby by caesarean, said United Daily News.

Chou, 36, had been so secretive about the birth that even his long-time manager J.R. Yang, who lives in the same neighbourhood as him, did not know, said the report.

Called about the rumour, Yang said: “Good question. I have to check on this.”

Later, the star said through his manager: “We had a daughter. Hannah and I are very happy.”

But the new father did not disclose the date of the baby’s birth, said the report.

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Pop superstar Jay Chou and model Hannah Quinlivan have welcomed their first child, a girl, according to their agents. Photo: Jay Chou/ Facebook

Quinlivan’s agent said the girl was born on July 12, but later retracted the date, reported Apple Daily. The agent said the model had given birth a few days ago, and been transferred to a confinement centre.

However, Apple Daily and China Times, quoting Chou’s family and friends, said the baby had arrived on July 10.

In Taiwan and Hong Kong, it is customary for a celebrity baby birth to be accompanied by astrolgers’ predictions in the media, a scenario the singer was presumably hoping to avoid by withholding the date and time of his daughter’s birth. Such stories got written anyway, and one headline in China Times went: “Cancerian girl will be glued to dad”.

Chou said he would share his news online later, when he is calmer, reported United Daily News. There have been no updates on the birth on his social media accounts.

The couple wed in England in January. In the most recent post on his Weibo page, Chou shared a photo of himself and Quinlivan in Yilan, north-east Taiwan on July 5. He said they were celebrating their wedding anniversary, thus revealing that they had been legally married since July last year.

This story was first published in The Straits Times on July 13, 2015. For similar stories, go to www.sph.straitstimes.com/lifestyle. 

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