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What’s the average length of a “normal” penis, when erect? According to an AFP report published in March, it’s a little more than five inches.

For Melissa*, 31, a financial researcher, her husband, John*, 32, falls short by that standard – his penis is less than four inches long when it’s erect. She first learnt about his shortcoming some years ago when they were friends and having drinks. The chemical engineer casually pointed to the short neck of the beer bottle he was holding to refer to the length of his appendage.

John’s first marriage to another woman failed because of their sexual incompatibility. Says Melissa, his second wife: “I knew that his situation was a problem in his previous marriage. He felt insecure and went for counselling.”

Now that Melissa has been married to John for three years, she is careful not to joke about his size. They have no kids. “While I did laugh and make fun of him just a little when we were friends, I made sure that when we got into a romantic relationship, I did nothing to destroy his confidence or hurt his feelings.”

She was also careful not to say anything stupid the first time they had sex. “I tried to behave as normally as possible, and it helped that as friends, we had talked and laughed about his length. There was still a bit of awkwardness but I suppose there will be some awkwardness in all first encounters.”

While John has the shortest penis among all the men she has dated – Melissa had two previous relationships – she says that he has no problem getting an erection or keeping her happy in bed.

“His penis looks normal when it’s flaccid. When erect, it gets thicker and harder but it hardly increases in length. But whatever he lacks in inches, he makes up for with creativity.”

*Not their real names

Can you still have mind-blowing sex if your man has a small penis?

Yes, you can. The first one-third of the vagina is the most sensitive, so it’s not about going deep. Get him to lean forward during penetration and maintain as much bodily contact as possible. This will enable you to reach an orgasm faster. Another good position to try is doggy style, where he enters you from the back while you lie flat on your stomach. This increases the tightness of penetration. For better support, slip a pillow under your stomach.

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This story was first published in HerWorld Magazine May 2015.

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