Paul Foster wearing a tee from the Joe Wang Tattoo Artist collection

Christmas is fast approaching, and while we care to shower family and loved ones with gifts, let’s not forget our furry friends too. And that’s where local celebrity Paul Foster came in, when he decided to pool friends together for this heart-warming initiative. Paul, an ALL ambassador, saw the need to raise funds for the animal shelter as the welfare group in Singapore houses over 700 cats and dogs to be cared for.

Kevin Lester wearing a tee from the Kurt Pereira Tattoo Artist collection

“I have been an ambassador for the Animal Lover’s League for the last 3 years and have seen how much help is needed to take care of all the cats and dogs in their care. From simply sharing, to volunteering and raising funds, there is always something to be done. The Tees for Fees campaign was an idea that came about to help raise funds for monthly operations including rent, food, medical treatments and a host of other costs that ALL face on a daily basis.”

Paul (who has various tattoos by two of the featured tattoo artists) decided to start an initiative of doing a collection of designs drawn by the talented artists he knew, like Joe Wang of 8Volts Tattoo Studio; Jade Sparkle of King Kong Tattoo Studio; Ian Low of Oracle Tattoo amongst others, and roped in fellow personalities like Aarika Lee, Henry Golding, Kevin Lester and more, to help with the modeling of the tees and awareness.

When asked why tattoo artists? He responded, “Well, a lot of people with tattoos get judged purely on sight. Many shelter animals have a great heart and spirit even if they don’t look like it. So, I saw a kindred spirit in the common misconceptions regarding one’s looks reflecting his / her true nature between the world of tattooing and shelter animals.”

He further reinforced his objective for this campaign saying “By bringing tattoo artists and local personalities together to reach out to the public, it allows all of us to come together and ultimately help those who need our love and support the most, the animals…”

Sandra Riley from The Sam Willows wearing a tee from the Lionel Ng Tattoo Artist collection

Sandra Riley Tang, (¼ of The Sam Willows) showed her support through Instagram, “I believe that everyone has a different part to play in helping to save the different parts of the planet. If you are here reading this, perhaps your calling to help save our furry friends, just like ours is. Buy a tee, help these animals get a vaccination, save a life. Because if we don’t help them, who will?” She also has the uncontrollable urge to pet a cat or dog when she sees one.


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