Who says there are no hot men in Singapore? Judging by these 10 guys, our country certainly isn’t lacking in both good looks and talent. In no real order, here are our 10 favourite Singapore men … What do you think? Do you agree with our choices? 

Joseph Schooling, 21, national swimmer
Many of us suddenly developed an interest in swimming during 2014’s Asian Games, thanks to this man (and maybe his swimming trunks). Joseph was the undoubted star of Team Singapore, as he picked up three medals – a gold, a silver and a bronze – and made his way into our hearts too. The six-foot-tall hunk has been winning more medals in international swim meets since then and he definitely has our support at the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio.


Tay Ping Hui, 45, actor
He may be 45 but the veteran actor is still cool in our books. He’s a household name, thanks to his understated acting and portrayal of very manly characters. A star of both English and Mandarin TV shows, the effectively bilingual actor is equally comfortable playing characters in either language. Not content with his accolades as an actor, Ping Hui is also a successful singer and songwriter and has performed theme songs for several local TV series.


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Henry Golding, 29, presenter/host
His good looks are thanks to his mixed parentage – his dad is from England and his mum is from the Iban tribe in Sarawak, Malaysia. While you might recognise him from several TV shows on Channel NewsAsia, Henry has also appeared in programmes for National Geographic, ESPN and BBC. Equally attractive when all serious in a suit or when goofing around in casual attire, the man with the charming smile is certainly someone we’d love to travel with.


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Nat Ho, 31, actor/singer/model
He first came to prominence in the first season of Singapore Idol then made his foray into modelling and acting. But singing proved to be his first love, as he packed his bags and moved to Taiwan to make it big. His debut album, Unleashed, was, erm, unleashed in 2012 and it received a fair amount of success. He’s now back in Singapore, playing one of the lead roles in Tanglin. Multi-talented and good-looking too, what’s not to love about Nat?


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George Young, 36, actor
George is not just a pretty face; he’s a fully-qualified solicitor but decided to pursue acting instead. Starting his career in England, George eventually ended up in Singapore, where he hosted Million Dollar Money Drop: Singapore Edition, in 2011. He also appeared in the TV series, The Pupil, then starred in a couple of Mandarin TV shows. He’s currently a regular on the American TV series, Containment, but we can honestly say how we had already discovered him before this big break.


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JJ Lin, 35, singer
One of the most successful Singapore singers in recent times, JJ is also immensely popular in Taiwan. He has released 12 albums to date and his popularity doesn’t seem to be waning anytime soon. Having received numerous awards over the years (there really are too many to mention here), we’re proud to call him our own. He has dabbled in acting too but, seeing how successful his singing and songwriting is, we can’t wait to hear more from him.


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Fakkah Fuzz, 29, comedian
A stand-up comedian who’s extremely funny, Fuzz (as he’s known) is witty and his comedy is very uniquely Singaporean. With his no-holds-barred style of comedy, nobody is out of bounds when it comes to his jokes, but he does it so well that there’s no room to be offended. His comedy is fresh, even though he’s been doing this for six years, and he has hosted several TV programmes too. Fuzz is the best Singaporean comedian for this generation and, honestly, who doesn’t like a guy who can make us laugh?


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Elvin Ng, 35, actor
This model-turned-actor has been on our TV screens for more than 10 years and is still as popular – his various nominations and wins at the Star Awards over the years is proof of this. Known mostly for playing ‘goody-two-shoes’ characters, thanks to his clean-cut looks, Elvin took the chance to portray a playboy in this year’s If Only I Could, allowing him to showcase his versatility.


Prof Jason Pomeroy, 42, architect, TV host
Call us shallow but the fact that he’s good-looking and has ‘Prof’ in front of his name makes him even more attractive to us. The academic heads Singapore-based Pomeroy Studio and he also hosts the TV series City Time Traveller and City Redesign, both seen on Channel NewsAsia. Architecture never seemed more interesting than when this professor explains it to us.

Nathan Hartono, 25, singer
He has been a singer for more than 10 years but he made it back onto our ‘hot list’ this year when his singing grabbed the headlines all over the region. Nathan auditioned on the TV show, Sing! China, and all four judges turned around for him. Yes, he really is that good. And we’re certainly proud that he’s one of ours.


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