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Malaysian singer Yuna’s career is soaring and she is currently staying in Los Angeles pursuing her dreams.

After she posted a photo of herself in a casual outfit showing some ankle, a young fan left a snide comment.

The Coverage translated the message as: “Fix the way you wear [your clothes], okay sis.”

The last thing she would have expected was for the star to hit back and comment on one of the girl’s posts.

Instead, Yuna wrote: “Hello sister, I don’t know why you feel like you can speak to me using ‘you’, when I’m 10 years older than you. If you were to see me face to face, will you use the same way to speak to me? Life is so challenging and don’t be quick to judge people. No matter what I wear, I’m still good. Just like your friends. When you grow older, you will know. Good luck in your studies, and don’t be prejudiced towards people who wear less than you.” (Translation)



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