Oh no Chen Li Ping is gaining weight again but for a good cause B1.png

Making it crystal clear from the get-go: We’re not into body-shaming celebs, most certainly not if said target is our beloved (and beleaguered) Singapore thespian Chen Li Ping.

Understood? Right, then. Li Ping says she’s gained 6 kg to play a “prosperous” restaurateur in the upcoming Chinese New Year drama, Good Luck – which isn’t news-worthy per se, save for the fact that Li Ping is the very public face of wellness and beauty brand Mary Chia; and that earlier this year, she was embroiled in an especially nasty online scam involving dubious weight-loss supplements.

Important aside: In the bigger scheme of things, 6 kg is a relatively reasonable amount to gain over the course of a few months; we would never condone drastic weight yo-yo-ing the likes of say, Matthew McConaughey for Dallas Buyers Club.

In any case, here’s the good woman herself on the “sacrifice” she’s made in the name of art: “I had my qualms when I took on this job as I knew I had to put on weight to fit the image of this role. But I love my job, so I spoke to Mary Chia about it. Not only did they give me their blessings, they assured me that I need not worry as they would be able to help me lose weight healthily after filming wraps.”

How, pray tell, did Li Ping manage to gain the weight? The actress says she did it by falling back on her “pre-Mary Chia eating habits”, which we can only assume weren’t that great: Li Ping says she doesn’t recommend it and that she’ll be back on the straight and narrow as soon as the director yells cut.  

For what it’s worth, we think Li Ping’s latest bodily transformation may mark a first for local tellie. Eye on a Star Award, perchance? Good luck, Li Ping, we’ll be watching come Chinese New year!

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