Image: Bai Ling / Instagram

Chinese-American actress Bai Ling loves to update her fans on what is going on in her life on her social media accounts — but she might have just shared too much recently.

Earlier in February, the star posted photos of what she wore to OK! Magazine’s 2016 Pre-Grammy Party on her Facebook page.

Bai Ling wore a short black dress which showed off her voluptuous figure and ample cleavage.

She then proceeded to share another photo which showed a close-up of her face – and her nipple slip

It seemed like she was unaware of the embarrassing wardrobe malfunction but her fans were quick to point it out.

One user wrote: “Seems like a fringe of your areola is visible. Don’t you wear bras underneath?”

Despite the nipple slip, Bai Ling was unfazed and continued to share to share photos of her sexy outfit.

The sexy actress is no stranger to scandalous outfits, which she always manages to pull off amazingly.


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