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One of fashion’s earliest online superstars, Susie Lau – better known as Susie Bubble after her blog Style Bubble ‒ seems to have upset one of Hong Kong’s acting stars (and streetwear designer) Edison Chen with an instagram post made about a week ago; it’s a bit hard to know when exactly since she has since deleted it.

While the post has been deleted, the link is still in Google (just type in Susie Bubble Edison Chen) but, since this is the internet nothing is gone forever and copies of the post have been circulating. As to what she said, well here’s a copy we had sent to us …

Susie Bubble and Edison Chen fight on Instagram SUSIE POST

Basically it looks like she was alluding to Chen’s infamous photo scandal with actresses Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan, Rachel Ngan, and Cecilia Cheung way back in early 2008. Which he, it turned out, was rather upset about … in an Instagram post that, well, really vented his issues, the actor seemed to be rather steamed up about Ms Lau’s post.



Since then the image Mr Chen used in his post from Ms Lau’s Instagram account has got quite a few ‘hate’ comments on it …

… but likewise his post on her has a few from her supporters too as you can see in the post above …

As a fashion industry follower, Mr Chen’s post that implies he’s got some sort of control over Ms Lau being in Paris is rather extreme … After all, I think more fashion people would know who she is, rather than who he is … Don’t you think?

So far neither individual has upped the ante and continued the beef so let’s just hope that it all calms down and they both get to sit front row at Paris Fashion Week. 🙂