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Brad Pitt has reportedly sworn off soap. The actor, who has been twice named the “sexiest man alive”, is cleaning himself with a combination of lemons, water and apple cider vinegar, as he thinks it is better for the environment, says The National Enquirer.

The tabloid quotes a source as saying: “Brad says he’s read up on the toxins of soap, especially the antibacterial ones, and feels that using them and antiperspirants is not only bad for the planet, but it also speeds up the ageing process.”

It is not Pitt’s first time in the news for his unconventional hygiene habits. In 2009, his friend, film- maker Eli Roth, said Pitt advised him to rub his armpits with baby wipes when he has no time to shower. Roth shared with People magazine that Pitt said: “I got six kids. I don’t have time to take a shower.”

Pitt’s fiancee Angelina Jolie has reportedly kicked up a stink about his lack of soap use, saying he smells “like a sheepdog”.

The source says: “Their kids even started calling him ‘Stinky Daddy’. Angie agreed to humour him only as long as they weren’t on the same continent.”

Pitt, 49, is filming Fury in Britain now. Jolie, 38, is directing Unbroken in Australia. They are said to be planning to meet in Hong Kong before Christmas.

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