Nicole Richie: Height restricts my shoppingNicole Richie says her height restricts the way she shops.

The stylish star has revealed that she rarely buys garments online because she has to see how they fit her petite frame.

Nicole added that she can’t order clothes straight from the catwalk like many of her contemporaries because they will look completely different on her.

“I’m five feet one inches, so it’s not as easy as just seeing something on a mannequin or a model and thinking, ‘That’s going to be cute on me’. I have to try things on and see how they fit on my body,” she told the August edition of British Elle magazine.

“That’s why I’m not a big online shopper. I like to touch the clothes, feel the fabric and try them on.”

Nicole also named her wardrobe staples. The mother-of-two is obsessed with totes and shoes because they complete a look.

“A bag can make an outfit so it’s important for each one to be special. My last purchase was a white Celine bag it’s beautiful,” she said.

“I can wear Louboutins all day long. I wear heels a lot because I like how they look, not necessarily for height. The tallest I’m ever going to get is five feet six inches; it’s not like I’m going to tower over anybody.”