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Nicki Minaj twerks with runway models. The result Wow! b.png

The lady-like lull before the storm …

Yes, yes, we know fashion weeks are usually a K-razy kerfuffle of ruffled feathers both literal and metaphorical, but throw Nicki Minaj into the mix and you get … this.

So some social media-minded folks at Vogue US decided that shadowing Nicki backstage at Alexander Wang’s show would make for some highly GIF-able moments. And by golly, were they right.

As it turns out, a quizzical quartet of models end up being “coached” by rap’s reigning regent on the finer points of the leg-lifting moves from the Anaconda vid.

(My fashion friends have tentatively ID-ed the poor unfortunate souls as Ewa Wladymiruk, Irina Kravchenko, Valery Kaufman and Aleah Morgan.)

Sigh. If we were judges keeping score on Dancing with the Stars, we’d give every single one of ‘em a big fat zero (or is that small skinny zero). There’s no other way to put it: These girls look like gangly giraffes in the tortuous throes of a seizure.

Look, everyone has their strengths. Conventional runway models just aren’t built for the sort of … cheeky cavorting our dear Nicki is justifiably infamous for. Juxtaposed against the jiggling juggernaut doing her thang, the models’ shall we say, lack of a certain asset becomes painfully pronounced …

Which can only mean one thing: Nicki Minaj is one deliciously mischievous genius. Google the decidedly NSFW lyrics of the song in question and you’ll quickly realise that Nicki is clearly taking the mickey out of these models.

Because we’re not one for skinny-shaming of any sort, we’ll try to stay positive: The poor dears did try. A+ for effort. Now go out there and walk like there’s no tomorrow.

Oh yeah, and Nicki, if booty buddy Kim K is any precedent, keep this up and you’ll end up grinding on the glossy cover of Vogue. Cheers to that (we think)!