Image: Nathan Hartono/ Instagram 

Local singer Nathan Hartono can’t seem to get enough of Milo. And he’s clearly not holding back when it comes to proclaiming his love for it.

He has now been announced as the ambassador of the chocolate malt beverage, according to a press statement on April 26.

And just in time for this sweet new pairing, Nestle has also launched its latest offering: bottled Milo Peng.

Apparently, the brand had even sent its new drink all the way to Hartono when he was in Beijing earlier this month – just so he could sample it first.

He sure made a huge deal about it and showed off his special delivery (which were actually unlabelled bottles of the newly launched drink) on social media.

For real though, the dude even made a ‘live’ video of himself downing the drink.

For those who don’t know, the 25-year-old singer and Milo go way back in terms of their romantic relationship.

Hartono had famously declared that he’d treat fellow Singaporeans to his favourite drink if he was crowned the winner of singing contest, Sing! China.

However, Milo then stepped in and promised free Milo for all regardless of Hartono’s win. Aww! Just like that, sparks flew and now they’ve made their relationship pretty much official.

Cheers, guys. And go easy on the PDA.


This story was originally published in AsiaOne on April 26, 2017.

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