Natalia Vodiana main.jpgNatalia Vodianova felt “confused and depressed” when she first found success as a model.

The 30-year-old beauty has worked for some of the biggest names in the industry, including Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Calvin Klein.

Natalia – who has three children with her former partner Justin Portman – didn’t feel overwhelmed with happiness after realising she was making waves in the fashion world though.

“I remember feeling confused and a little depressed when I first became successful. By the time I was in my 20s, I had a substantial income for the first time, was married and living in a beautiful house with a healthy baby,” she told YOU magazine.

“Even though I enjoyed it tremendously, I felt there was something else I should be doing with my life. Then in 2004 the Beslan massacre happened in Russia, with 186 children killed. I was deeply moved and wanted to help, which was the spark for my Naked Heart Foundation charity. Hence I found my purpose.”

Natalia is now in a relationship with Antoine Arnault, son of LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault, and hopes to concentrate fully on her family life some day. The star looks to the supermodel greats before her and hopes to emulate their healthy work/life balance.

“I don’t see why I wouldn’t go on modelling almost forever. Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington have shown that it’s possible, but what I most admire is that they’re not just beautiful, they’re strong and they live purposeful lives,” she gushed. – COVER MEDIA