Monica Bellucci “hates” it when young girls succumb to plastic surgery.

The Italian actress-and-model is widely considered as one of the most beautiful ladies in Hollywood, and as a natural beauty she struggles to comprehend why young female celebrities go under the surgeon’s knife.

The 46-year-old star admits she may have a procedure one day, but to her a nip and tuck is something women should consider far later on in life.

“I don’t know how I’ll feel about it in ten years’ time. But I hate it when young girls do things to themselves. There is nothing to fix. However beautiful they are, if they are doing that then they obviously don’t feel it,” she told British newspaper The Times.

“Love is what makes you feel good about yourself.”

The beautiful actress also dismissed her regular appearances on compilations of the world’s sexiest women. Monica takes no interest in her rankings as she has far more important things to concern herself with.

“This is a list that other people have created, not me,” she asserted. “Yes, I am aware that I have an image, but it is a small, small part of me. I’m just a woman like anybody else.

“Know this. These lists, this fuss, it doesn’t bother my reality. What other people think? It’s not my priority.” © Cover Media