Mila Kunis reveals comfy closetMila Kunis has revealed that her closet is filled with “oversized sweat pants”.

The glamorous actress confessed that her off duty wardrobe is a laidback affair and made up of mostly casual sports clothing.

The 29-year-old is a huge fan of shoes and admitted she is prone to hording different footwear.

“Lots of sweat pants [are inside my closet]. Really casual, comfortable, baggy cotton, oversized sweat pants,” Mila laughed to the British magazine More! “What else? A T-shirt in every colour. A little sundress. A pair of flip-flops. An amazing pair of flat pumps. And lots of other shoes too. I have an obscene number, although I don’t really know why.”

Just as Mila prefers comfort over fashion with her wardrobe, so she favours this approach with her home decoration. She explained how she is naturally drawn to attractive things, but would prefer an environment that embraces people to be themselves in rather than living in a pretentious show home.

“I love beautiful things, but when I was decorating, I specifically didn’t want to have stuff in my home that looked like you couldn’t sit on it or touch it. I don’t want to live in a museum,” Mila explained. “I want to live in a place where you can come over, put your feet up and be comfortable, not worry about scuffing the furniture.”