Even if you’re not a big fan of Taiwanese variety shows, you’ve got to admire Matilda Tao. She’s made a name for herself, not with her looks but her talent for using her witty humour in any situation.

herworldplus.com got to meet the face of Cosme Decorte’s Moisture Liposome range when she was in town for the Cosme Decorte Beauty Talkshow. Here’s what we learnt from this very eloquent and wise wife (she’s married to fellow actor Li Li Ren) and mother of 2.

Be independent!

Men and women don’t only have to be complementary but compromising too. If he pays for this meal, then you can pay for the next one. We shouldn’t see a man as a meal ticket and that he has to provide everything for us.

Getting a good man takes many factors…but it’s all worth it in the end

I think luck plays a big role. Before I met my husband, I had already given up on finding love and had settled on spending life alone. I guess it’s also lucky that before he met me, he was dealt a huge blow in love and compared to that, I was able to be a good partner. We were both at the same stage in life where we simply needed to be loved and had a mutual agreement that if we were to get together, we should just do our best.

Yes, personality is important too but even women with good personalities end up with lousy guys. You have to be smart enough and respect yourself too. Don’t lower your expectations – if a man treats you badly, don’t make excuses for him.

Men look at more than your appearance…really!

We’ve seen how men often have affairs with women who are less attractive than their wives – so it obviously has nothing to do with being pretty or ugly. Can you imagine if you were a man and your girlfriend kept asking you “Have I become fat?” or “Do you love me?”, you’ll be so irritated. To be an attractive woman, you need to have confidence and work hard at keeping the relationship interesting – it’s nothing to do with your looks.

Even “ugly” women will have their day
My mum used to tell me “Oh, you’re so ugly, what are you going to do when you grow up?” So I used to feel very inferior. Especially compared to those girls in school who were pretty and rich and had perfect housewife mothers. It was worse when I joined the entertainment industry – TV hosts, my record label boss and even the photographers would lament how ugly I was.

The other female artistes were also all so good looking. But I thought to myself – I was capable enough to make it here so there must be some likeable things about me. When I took off my glasses and started learning to use makeup (the smoky eye is a god-send for women with single eyelids!), I showed that at least I could be pleasant-looking. You just need to be a little more humorous, likeable and have belief in yourself – these qualities are irresistible to a man. Don’t count yourself out just because of your looks.

Confidence, confidence, confidence
Your skin can be  dull and you can have dark eye circles but if you have a lot of confidence, then you’ll be fine. But if you don’t have confidence, even if you had beautiful, luminous skin, you’ll still think that you’re not pretty enough. That’s why I think a woman doesn’t only need to take care of her outside, but her inside as well.


Quarrels are inevitable in relationships
My husband and I used to quarrel at the beginning of our relationship when we still hadn’t quite grasped each other’s personality quirks and habits yet. Now if we were to quarrel, it’d be about very small things. Like if he took the last portion of a very delicious piece of food and didn’t ask me!

Marriage and children might not be such a bad idea after all
I was swimming with a group of friends in an enclosed bay in the Maldives when we decided to swim further out. It was then that I finally understood what an ocean looks and feels like – the temperature immediately became ice-cold, I felt the currents moving me and saw the huge fishes. My world before I got married was like in that bay. After marriage, all my perceptions about love changed – I would look at my child’s face and realise how much love I had to give him. I wanted to start living healthier so that I could live longer to see my children get married. I wanted to protect them and give them the best.

Pregnancy is a powerful experience
You know how people often take pity on a pregnant woman when they see her alone? But the truth is I never felt stronger or more fearless than when I was pregnant. Even when I went walking in a dark alley or ran alone at night, I wasn’t afraid in the slightest bit. I knew I had my baby accompanying me and giving me strength.

Cosme Decorte Moisture Liposome is priced at $157 (40ml) and $203 (60ml). It is available at Takashimaya and Isetan Scotts.

Matilda Tao also has a Mandarin book out on matters of the heart called Wo Ai Gu Wo Zai (I Love Therefore I Am) available at Kinokuniya.