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Fans of local TV would be familiar with Mediacorp’s Star Search — a long-running talent hunt that has produced some of the most popular artistes here.

They include Zoe Tay and Aileen Tan, who were the winner and first runner-up in Star Search 1988 respectively; Chew Chor Meng and Rayson Tan, winner and second runner-up of Star Search 1990 respectively; Lina Ng, first runner-up of Star Search 1993; Qi Yuwu, champion of the Guangdong region in Star Search 1999; and Jeffrey Xu, who won in 2010.

Well, the public can now look forward to an upcoming drama that puts all these Star Search alumni together onscreen.

The Mandarin drama series Dark Angel is centred around He Ziyuan (Zoe Tay), a carefree housewife who becomes a lawyer to avenge her lawyer husband Lin Kaisen (Rayson Tan) after he is brutally murdered by a strange man known as White Shark.

While investigating her husband’s murderer, Ziyuan meets Zhu Wei (Qi Yuwu), Kaisen’s former colleague and friend, whom she thinks is the biggest suspect.

Wanting to get close to Zhu Wei, Ziyuan eventually takes on many cases with him. The pair are assisted by Alex (Aileen Tan), a talented investigator and former victim of White Shark, as well as a kind-hearted legal assistant Chen Yiyi (Gavin Teo).

Star Search 2019 finalist Kiki Lim plays Zoe’s onscreen daughter Lin Youxuan.

Star Search alumni aside, Dark Angel will also see the appearance of some familiar faces from the past, such as James Hu Wensui and Zhang Xinxiang (formerly known as Zhang Wenxiang).

James, one of the winners of the Shanghai region in Star Search 2001, plays the role of Edwin. He is a personal assistant to the CEO of crime organisation Circles, Gu Wangming (Jeffrey Xu).

Xunxiang plays the role of Gerald Sim, a family friend of the Gus who helps to manage Circles’ business.

Dark Angel is scheduled to premiere on Channel 8 and meWATCH in September 2022.

This article was first published in AsiaOne.

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