Image: Yen Kuok / Facbeook

Dubbed the ‘Sugar King of Asia’, Robert Kuok is the richest man in Malaysia and has an estimated net worth of RM40.8 billion.

However, he definitely makes sure that his children aren’t overly-pampered and spoiled.

His youngest daughter, Yen Kuok ever uttered the statement, “My friends had more pocket money than me,” during an interview with Hong Kong media, reports The Coverage.

The young lady of the Kuok descendant mentioned that she has had a no-nonsense upbringing and only received a moderate amount of pocket money when she went to school back then.

In fact, Yen Kuok has one foot planted in the marketplace seeing that in August last year, she’s successfully launched Guiltless, a fashion start up selling used designer brands on the internet.

Yen is already making waves while her peers are jet-setting all around and across the globe.

According to Yen, her grandmother has a way of raising an independent granddaughter such as herself. The elder member of the Kuok family set strict rules when advising her son that Yen should not be raised like a “princess” solely because she came from a wealthy family.

It is safe to say that even her father, Robert Kuok himself, unlike most Asian parents as we may know, had quite an unconventional approach to Yen’s education. His daughter scoring straight A’s was never his main concern.

“My father kept telling me that going to school us not only about studying and getting good grades, but instead, education is meant to expand one’s horizons,” the young entrepreneur told SAYS Malaysia. “He never forced me to get an A in my exams, and he said it doesn’t matter if I get a B.”

Yen is undoubtedly a testimony of her generation and we have reasons to believe that Robert Kuok has successfully raised more than just the figures in his bank account.


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