Madonna accused of stealing cap designMadonna is being accused of stealing an American designer’s signature style.

Patricia Field makes so-called VOGUE hats, which are baseball caps, emblazoned with the word ‘VOGUE’.

The Huffington Post reports Patricia’s label has now used blogging site Tumblr to show its dismay at the queen of pop reportedly selling very similar headwear as MDNA Tour merchandise.

The post is entitled “MADONNA STOLE OUR VOGUE HATS!!” and reads: “Our own Patricia Field stylist, Hiraku, designed the snap back and we sell it as a t-shirt, headband and a beanie as well. They’ve been going like hotcakes here at the store and have become a staple of the Patricia Field brand this year. We get requests to send them to clients everywhere worldwide and people ask for them by name when they come into the store… (sic)”

A picture on the Tumblr page shows dark caps with the famous white stitching, which are apparently being sold at a Madonna concert in Madison Square Garden for $35 each.

On Patricia’s website ‘The Original VOGUE Snapback Cap’ looks strikingly similar and is sold for $36.

The site refers to it as: “An homage to the urban dance style of 1980s known as ‘Vogueing’, this House of Field exclusive brings New York City Ball culture back to the forefront again, as recently seen on the Queen of Vogue herself!!”

The Tumblr page drew mixed reactions from fans, with some claiming Madonna has been sporting the cap for decades and was even spotted in one back in 1990.

The singer’s official website does not seem to offer the caps in the merchandise section.