Lynn Xiong has an appreciation for Singaporean men. Credit: Bernice Lam

Lynn Xiong is always the picture of elegance, be it on screen or in person. The classic Chinese beauty’s poise just about overshadowed the gorgeous 12-strand Akoya pearl necklace she wore to grace the first anniversary of Mikomoto’s flagship boutique at Marina Bay Sands.

Worth $355,000 and made with rubies, onyx, diamonds and sapphires besides the famous pearls, the necklace bears the familiar face of a famous cat and is part of the Mikimoto x Hello Kitty collection – another collaboration the feline has embarked on. There was no better model to display both the timeless elegance of Mikimoto pearls and the sweet playfulness of Hello Kitty than Xiong. The Hong Kong-based model-actress exudes sophistication but is candid and open when answering questions from the media.

When ask what her birthday wish was, Xiong who will turn 34 on October 10, 2014, said without shame and skipping a beat that she wishes “for someone to spend my birthday with me next year”. Preferably someone who’s not part of the entertainment industry so he would have more time to spend with her.

Is Xiong feeling the heat from the celeb weddings happening in 2014? Credit: Bernice Lam

Unlike local women who have a beef with their male counterparts, the model-actress seems to understand why the likes of Vivian Hsu and Charlie Yueng fell in love and married Singaporean men. In fact, Xiong admitted, “I thought of doing so too!” “Singaporean guys are polite and warm. Whenever I’m in Singapore, they are very good hosts and focused on showing me a good time. But all the Singaporean guys I know are already married or are in a relationship,” she lamented.

2014 seems to be a good year for marriage with many celebs tying the knot. The picture perfect model-actress admitted she was envious of her peers who are getting married. “When I go home, there are only my two dogs there for me. Even though I am still happy, it’s a little pathetic no?”

“Being single, I can fully focus on work and in my private time I can do whatever I want. I do enjoy the freedom. When there’s someone in my life, I have a tendency to feel tied down. But now, all my friends are either married or having children, there’s no one left to hang out with me,” said Xiong.

She assured us that she will go public with her next boyfriend as she knows that everyone is anxious for her to find happiness. With a laugh, she acknowledged that the day her aunts stop nagging her about getting married is the day they give up on her. And we wouldn’t want that to happen, do we?

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