Liv Lo and Henry Golding


Crazy Rich Asians (2018) star Henry Golding and his wife, Liv Lo, announced in November that they were expecting their first child.

On Sunday (Dec 20), Lo, a television presenter and yoga instructor, wrote on Instagram that she wanted to share with her followers an incident earlier in the year.

In a longer blog post, the 35-year-old disclosed that she and Golding, 33, found out she was pregnant on Jan 1, 2020, during their trip to Peru.

“It felt like divine timing; however, coming back off holiday, we went back full swing into work and travel,” she wrote.

Lo went to see a gynaecologist on the 10th week of her pregnancy as she was already scheduled to travel every week. Other than a few tummy aches, she said she felt good.

“It was painful that our baby didn’t have a heartbeat on the first scan,” she wrote under the section My First Miscarriage.

She arranged for an appointment to have the missed abortion procedure as Golding was then in a film production.

“Even with friends in LA to support me, going through the process on my own, and then catching up with him in Tokyo meant that he was left out of the emotional journey,” she wrote.

“All I needed was a big hug after the procedure, but having to wait a week to travel across the world to catch up with each other was pretty traumatic for me.”

She found out that she was pregnant again in June 2020, and returned home to share the joy with Golding.

“Because of our past miscarriage, we kept the news private until we hit 20 weeks and we were fully in the clear,” she said.

She said five months might feel like a lifetime, but she was overflowing with happiness every day as she made adjustments to welcome her baby into their lives.

This article was first published in The Straits Times.