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South Korean star Lee Byung Hun has denied allegations that he was in a relationship with a model. His refutation came to light during a closed-door court hearing on a blackmailing case on Monday.

It was the second trial hearing on the scandal involving Lee, 44, model Lee Ji Yeon and girl group Glam member Dahee.

Lee had sued the two women, claiming they demanded 5 billion won (S$5.9 million) in return for not disclosing a videotape of him having a lewd conversation with them.

At Monday’s hearing, he confronted the two women for the first time since the case was brought before the police in August. He did not attend the first hearing.

According to reports, the actor denied model Lee’s allegations that the two were in a relationship. When she presented one of their KakaoTalk mobile messenger chats to prove her claim, the star reportedly said “it was a joke” and “I do not recall”.

Lee Byung Hun later left the courtroom as reporters waited outside. He said: “I have been truthful and and sincere about my witnesses in the court and will wait for the court’s decision accordingly.”

Last August, he reported the alleged blackmailing attempt to the police. Lee Ji Yeon, 24, and Dahee, 20, were later arrested and were at the first hearing last month. The scandal broke nearly 15 months after the actor married actress Lee Min Jung, 32.

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