Credit: Instagram/ ohohlawrence

Actor Lawrence Wong mentioned in an interview in January that he’s keeping the interior design for his new house a secret until the big reveal in the near future.

Is the wait over?

On March 20, Lawrence uploaded a video of his home bathroom to Instagram with the caption: “I like saying the most with the least. #realminimalism”

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The video pans over the toilet and shower with a large glass panel separating the two areas. It leads to a high ceiling to reveal a long and narrow skylight, before panning downwards to show rounded wall edges and air vents for central air-conditioning.

(We cannot stress enough how important the last feature is. No more sweating while reading or watching videos on the throne!)

All the walls are painted white, with the toilet and shower fittings in black.

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In responses to his friends’ comments, Lawrence, 32, said the renovations for his house would be completed soon. He is, however, still filming in China.

While the skylight drew praises from his friends and followers, one person left a rather valid comment: “Imagine someone using a drone to stalk u from the (skylight).”

Crazy as it may sound, it might happen given the actor’s popularity in the region and China.

In an earlier Instagram post, he said: “Apparently, there are groups of strangers who know where my new house is and just came and walked inside amidst the renovation to ‘see see look look’.”

He was, of course, outraged and reminded the offenders that what they did is illegal trespassing, and that he has installed cameras “everywhere” in his house.

This article was first published in AsiaOne.