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The world finally gets a look at photogenic siblings Prince George and Princess Charlotte pictured together; yes, the photos are as “aww”-inducing as you might expect.

The latest Prince George and Princess Charlotte photos are so cute!

Prince George and his baby sister Princess Charlotte, photographed by their mum the Duchess of Cambridge at Amner Hall, the family’s home in Norfolk. Image: Kensington Palace/AdMedia /Corbis 

Released on Twitter just this Sunday by the the family’s official Twitter account Kensington Royal, the photos show the cute royals bathed in natural light, with Prince George holding his baby sister and even giving her a peck on the forehead.

What’s more: These photos were taken by none other than the Duchess of Cambridge herself. If you’re suitably impressed by the aspiring photographer’s skills (who knew, right?), The Guardian shares that this royal did actually study photography while studying at St Andrews University, for her history of art degree.

According to the Kensington Royal, the Duchess of Cambridge took these photos of Prince George and Princess Charlotte in mid-May 2015; that’s just a few weeks after the birth of the baby girl.

Princess Charlotte is expected to be christened on July 5, in a small and private ceremony.

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