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Relationship status update: Fan Bingbing; seeing someone.

Congratulations are in order for leading lady Fan Bingbing, who has finally copped to being romantically entwined with her Empress of China co-star Li Chen.

Here’s how it went down. Earlier this week, Bingbing’s Beijing-based beau posted a wefie of the photogenic pair – both clad in bridal white, no less! – on his Weibo account. Accompanying caption? Just one weighted word: “Us.”

In an equally telling move, Bingbing then shared Li Chen’s snapshot on her own account. FWIW, entertainment portal NetEase notes that this is the first time in her storied 18-year career that Bingbing has ever gone public with her love life.

The couple’s coming out of sorts has garnered a flurry of well-wishes from celebs in the Chinese showbiz circle; Zhao Wei, Bingbing’s sassy sidekick in everyone’s favourite nineties drama My Fair Princess, was one of the first to dispatch her congratulatory missive by way of social media.  

What else we know: It appears as if Bingbing’s suave swain has found favour with the family folks; Madam Fan has apparently been effusive in her approbation of her darling daughter’s choice in companion.

The logical next step for the incandescent ingenue and her man? We don’t want to jinx things, but the wedding watch has officially begun on our end!

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