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#1: OTP

THEN: Soulmate/The One

NOW: OTP (“one true pairing”)

Geek- and fan-speak for a favourite fictional couple – for instance, Glenn and Maggie from The Walking Dead. Now, the term is also used on regular folk.

Example: Peter and I are OTP. He’s the Iron Man to my Pepper Potts. I can see us living happily after.

#2: FOMO

THEN: Desperate

NOW: Fomo (“fear of missing out”)

Originally used to describe someone who never turns down a party or social event, it can also mean now that this person is using every avenue to find a partner.

Example: Linda suddenly had fomo and signed up with every single dating agency and downloaded all the dating apps she could find. Geez, she needs to chillax.

#3: F2F

THEN: Meet up

NOW: F2F (“face to face”)

This refers to actual physical interaction which requires you to, you know, make eye contact with the person across the table. The opposite of cyber-chatting.

Example: You’ve been Whatsapping each other for six months. Isn’t it time for an F2F?

#4: YOSO

THEN: Yolo (“you only live once” – yes, even this is getting passe)

NOW: Yoso (“you only swipe once”)

On Tinder, swiping left (if you’re not interested in the guy) or right (if you are) is an irreversible action, so don’t be too left-swipe happy. You might miss out on the one who could be the other half of your OTP (see previous page). This term cautions you to think before you act, unlike Yolo, which encourages you to take risks.

Example: There are tons of guys on Tinder. But take your time before you swipe right – yoso!

#5: DFS

THEN: Playing the field

NOW: DFS (“dating for sport”) Describes a serial dater.

Example: Don’t bother with him, he’s totally DFS. You’ll never get any sort of commitment from him.

#6: BOO

THEN: Sweetheart

NOW: Boo

Made famous in that Usher and Alicia Keys duet, My Boo.


THEN: I love you


The old heartfelt declaration has now been replaced by a combination of cute emojis that express every spark and sentiment. Talk about symbols of love!

#8: SWAG

THEN: Game

NOW: Swag

Before, when you said someone had game, it meant that she/he knew how to work the opposite sex. Swag has the same meaning and usually describes a rich, entitled, free-spending man (also known as a “baller”).

Example: Urgh, look at that baller buying drinks for that table of models. He thinks he’s got swag, but he’s just a wannabe loser.

This story was first published in Her World magazine, January 2015 issue.