Lana Del Rey was advised to avoid appearing on the ‘worst dressed lists’ if she wanted to land a high-profile clothing campaign.

The American singer is fronting H&M’s winter campaign, with the high street store recently unveiling advertising images for the new collection.

Music executive Marc Robinson helped secure Lana’s deal with H&M to sit alongside her deals with Mulberry and Jaguar. He has revealed how his team were given guidance to ensure they bagged Lana big money deals.

“Sarah Leon, director of special bookings at Next Models, gave us a lot of advice on how to position Lana in order to achieve what we wanted. So you keep off the ‘worst dressed’ lists, and you make sure you look good on the right red carpets, and you don’t take the £20k deal today, you wait for the big H&M deal later on,” he told the January edition of Esquire magazine.

Marc went on to reveal that Lana’s H&M deal was “substantial” and “worth holding out for”.

The businessman also explained how important it is for celebrities to choose the right outfits and accessories for red carpet events.

He claims that one fashion faux pas can prevent a star from becoming a style icon.

“Something that’s perceived as cheap can stop you getting in front of a certain photographer who then gets you the cover of Vogue, which then gets you a global Gucci campaign. It’s ruthless, but when you get there the payoff is much greater,” he explained. “The mentality of, ‘Here’s £100,000, Rihanna will walk through the door’ is dead. They want more for their money now.” – COVER MEDIA