Kylie Minogue: I’d disappear in flatsKylie Minogue says people wouldn’t be able to “see [her]” if she wore flat shoes often.

The 5ft. 1ins. (1.55m) songstress knows how to work with what she’s got when it comes to styling. Kylie prefers to don skyscraper heels to add a few inches to her tiny frame.

“With my height I always feel confident if something is below the knee and I’m wearing heels. I wear flats sometimes but not when I’m working – you’d never see me,” she told the April edition of Marie Claire magazine.

“I used to wear medium heels but now it seems to be either really high or flat. I also have the most asymmetrical face – I’ve got this eyebrow that does its own thing.

“But you just have to live with stuff like that.”

Kylie looks incredible for her 43 years. The stunning star admits she is far more meticulous about her skin routine now than in her youth.

“I started thinking about ageing when I was around 30, which is when I started to get diligent with SPF50 UV protection is the most important thing – I’m so utterly boring in the sun” she said.

“A lot of make-up artists compliment me on my skin, but when I was a kid we’d go out in baby oil!”