Taiwanese actress Kuo Shu-yao, also known as Yao-yao, has a message for men aged 20 and above: Be bold and woo me.

The buxom actress just turned 31 in July and stars in an upcoming romantic movie, Say Yes Again, in which her character is wooed by a man seven years younger played by actor Kent Tsai.

In an interview on Monday (Aug 2), Kuo said she would not mind dating a guy much younger than her, as she had previously dated singer Riley Wang, 25, and dancer Chin Yang, 29.

“Those who are older may not want to play with me,” she said in jest as she invited men who are at least 20 years old to “be bold and woo me”.

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Kuo said she prefers younger men as she hopes her partner can be both “boyish and masculine”. She also said she does not fancy older men as they often believe themselves to be funny but cannot make her smile.

The actress said she finds it hard not to be bowled over by the sweet words of “little fresh meat” – meaning young and hunky men.

But she drew the line at those younger than 19, saying she “can accept at most a 12-year age gap.”

Kuo shot to fame in 2009 after appearing in a Taiwanese video-gaming commercial clad in a bustier top and mini skirt. She released her debut album Love’s Embrace in the same year and promoted it via autograph-cum-hugging sessions.

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Thanks to her 32E-cup assets, Kuo, who often made promotional appearances in low-cut tops, was an instant hit.

Over the years, she has gone from sex kitten to serious actress, winning Best New Performer at Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards in 2013 for the movie Step Back To Glory.

She was nominated for Best Actress in a Miniseries or Television Film at Taiwan’s Golden Bell Awards in 2017 for The Teenage Psychic.

During the interview, Kuo also commented on her co-star Tsai, 24, whom she has worked with a few times, including in the The Teenage Psychic (2017).

She said he was “boyfriend material”.

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“He looks handsome when he is quiet and looks cute when he speaks,” said Kuo. “He has not changed in the last six years.”

Tsai said at the same interview that he would not rule out an older girlfriend and admitted that he once had a crush on Kuo, but did not confess to her then.

This article was first published in The Straits Times.