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Just when we thought that the love lives of Korean celebrities couldn’t get juicier than Kim Hyun Joong’s pregnant-ex-girlfriend and their never-ending squabble, someone drops a bomb on fangirl planet (or should we say, star): K-Heartthrob Kim Soo Hyun has been reported to be dating ex-Wonder Girls cutie Ahn So-hee. 

So here’s how the story goes: a South Korean media outlet broke the news on Monday, paired with a quote from an unnamed resident of the apartment block So-hee lives in. It said that Soo Hyun was frequently seen visiting the ex-K-pop idol’s apartment in secret and that the two have been in a relationship for a year. 

As part of “further evidence”, the article claims that the 23-year-old’s recent transfer to Soo Hyun’s agency, KeyEast Entertainment, was largely influenced by him. The former Wonder Girls member had left the group and its managing agency, JYP, after six years to pursue a career in acting. 


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But netizens were calling bluff on the report, questioning the legitimacy of its sources and the lack of pictorial evidence.

True enough, the agency was quick to rubbish rumours. A rep told various Korean news outlets that while the stars know each other, the rumours were “groundless”. The agency also said that the 27-year-old actor also had no part in So-hee’s contract. 

While Korean agencies have long been said to conceal relationships of its stars from the public, we think it’s rather unlikely in this case, judging by the slew of Korean celebrity couples that have been coming out in the open of late. 

And there you have it – Soo Hyun and So-hee aren’t dating. But hey, we’ll be watching.