Credit: Instagram/@kimlimhl

Newly engaged socialite and entrepreneur Kim Lim and her fiance, known only as LL, have started giving out meals to 1,500 frontline workers from Nov 6.

The daughter of Singaporean billionaire Peter Lim is also in talks with Singapore Airlines to provide air tickets for foreign healthcare workers to return home for a visit.

In an interview on on Nov 4, she said: “Things have been tough for the frontliners and those invisible people we don’t see working hard in the background, like our cleaners or janitors. We want to remind them, through our love of food, that there are people out here who are cheering them on. We want to thank them for every effort they have put in.”

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Lim, 30, announced her engagement on Instagram on Sept 30. This is the first cause she is supporting with her fiance. She did not reveal how much they are contributing to provide two meals a day for a week.

She is collaborating with F&B company Fei Siong Group, and will be sending out local favourites she and her fiance grew up eating. Earlier in the pandemic, she had sent care packages and food to healthcare workers.

In addition to food, Lim’s social enterprise Kelhealth Group is in talks with Singapore Airlines to give foreign healthcare workers air tickets to return home to see their families, now that the ban on overseas travel has been lifted for them.

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She said: “I didn’t realise how tough our healthcare workers have it, and to finally be able to apply for overseas travel and go home to see your families, I want to support that.”

“I truly admire (healthcare workers) for their courage and strength. To be on your feet all day, to tend to the needs of those who are feeling unwell, it can be tiring and mentally draining for both the frontline and unseen heroes.”

This article was first published in The Straits Times.