Kim Kardashian worried about pregnancy weightKim Kardashian is reportedly concerned about how much her “body is changing”.

The reality TV star announced she was expecting her first child with her rap star beau Kanye West at the end of last year.

Kim, who has made a successful career out of her gorgeous figure and stunning good looks, is allegedly fearful about her quickly changing appearance as a result of her growing baby bump.

“She loves having curves and is proud of her famous bottom, but she’s worried about how much her body is already changing,” an insider shared with British magazine Look.

“Kim obviously thinks she’ll put on weight and won’t be able to lose it, so she’s still hitting the gym regularly – often twice a day – as well as taking on more and more work to keep active. Everyone around her is concerned she’s doing too much when she should be taking it easy.”

The 32-year-old is due to give birth to her baby in July this year and has already moaned on her official Twitter page about the weight gain she has noticed.

While Kim might be determined to combat piling on the pounds with hard workouts, her partner Kanye is trying to convince her to slow down.

“He keeps telling her she just needs to get used to being pregnant,” a friend explained. © Cover Media