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Photo: Kim Jong Kook International Fanbase

Fans of the popular South Korean variety show “Running Man” should be familiar with the nicknames “Commander”, “Kookie” or “Spartakook” – nicknames that singer Kim Jong Kook has gotten for himself during his time on the hit television show. The chiselled singer earned a reputation for his muscular and toned bod that just doesn’t quit. He is also known for being merciless in ripping off his teammates’ name tags in “Running Man”.

The heartthrob was in town on the  weekend (Dec 2-3) for the Asian Television Awards, as well as the launch of the redesigned Courts megastore in Tampines. The first thing we noticed about the 41-year-old during his fan meet that saw many screaming supporters (some of whom queued overnight to meet Kim) gathered at the Courts megastore was his bright personality. The hunky singer who spoke in English for the most part was always smiling and cracking jokes.

Photo: Kim Jong Kook International Fanbase

Kim Jong Kook, who last visited Singapore four years ago, talked about his love for local dishes like roast chicken rice. The singer added that he didn’t get the chance to try other Singapore cuisine this time round but if given a chance he would like other local dishes like chili crabs.

Another hot topic that was on everyone’s mind was his fitness routine and how he stays fit. The singer, who loves the warm weather in Singapore, said:“I don’t count calories. I eat a lot and work out a lot”I try to go to the gym every day.”

Photo: Kim Jong Kook International Fanbase

When he is not hitting the gym, the very manly Kim revealed that he enjoys spending his time alone with a cup of coffee. If you’re wondering how he likes his coffee – he likes his coffee dark with no sugar.

Judging from his diligent workout routine, it should come as no surprise that Kim Jong Kook is a health enthusiast.“Career is important but health is even more important” said the singer.

Photo: Kim Jong Kook International Fanbase

It is not every day that you get a chance to get up close and personal with your idol. But six lucky fans scored a chance to not only stand next to the charmer but also play a game and take photos with him.

When asked about his future plans, the singer shared that he will return to Korea to prepare for his future concerts. Kim also mentioned that he hopes to be able to come back to Singapore to perform. “I always think about you guys. I am kind of sad that I don’t have too many opportunities to come to Singapore to sing. Thank you for always loving and supporting me,” he said.